Plus Sized 'Love After Lockup' Star Monique Slams Online Bullies

Plus Sized ‘Love After Lockup’ Star Monique Claps Back At Online Bullying— ‘People Are Obsessed With My Weight’

Love After Lockup star Monique is standing up to trolls who have been criticizing her weight and appearance on the popular WeTV show.

Monique and Derek’s romance has captured the attention of Love After Lockup viewers due to their difference in size, with the star being a plus-size woman and Derek being shorter than her and more slender. However, social media and Derek’s family have been fixated on Monique’s weight, leading the reality TV star to speak out about being bullied online.

Monique Reacts To Funky Dineva & Trolls Fat-Shaming

Earlier this week, Monique fired back at popular vlogger Funky Dineva, who criticized her weight and questioned whether Derek could truly be attracted to her in the caption of his Instagram post. Despite the negative comments, Monique has emphasized that she and Derek are happy together in a comment to the vlogger—which is the most important thing.

After addressing Dineva, the reality star posted a general statement to online bullies in an uproar over her weight.

The fact that I’ve been bullied and ridiculed online HEAVILY for the past 4 days UNPROVOKED is crazy to me. Idk why people are so obsessed with my weight and my relationship with Derek. Y’all get on the internet and be fake caring about mental health and “protecting” black women and all i see on these blog sites is black men and women in the comments bullying another black woman about her weight. This show was filmed months ago. Me & Derek have been together almost 3 years already! He love it here. We living in our truth. Love is love

Along with criticism from strangers on social media, Monique has also faced negative comments from Derek’s two sister’s. On the show, the sister also shamed her appearance while questioning how ling they would last. According to the National Library of Medicine, fat-shaming being harmful to health is well documented and may even drive weight gain.

Despite facing negativity and judgement, Monique has remained positive on social media and on the show.

So far, Derek has not publicly commented on critics of Monique’s appearance.


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