Tory Lanez's Father Says Family Has Forgiven Meg Thee Stallion

WATCH: Tory Lanez’s Father Says Rapper And His Family Have Forgiven Megan Thee Stallion

Sonstar Peterson, the father of Tory Lanez, took to Instagram Live on Thursday evening. And shared an update with his son’s supporters.

Peterson Takes To Instagram Live

Ahead of his live appearance, Peterson alerted fans to tune in with an Instagram post.

There are many voices, but it’s time for the voice of truth be heard. See you tonight 🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️

When he began streaming, Peterson told viewers that he wanted to paint them a different picture of his son Tory.

Because there are those who felt it was important to paint my son, Daystar Peterson aka the artist Tory Lanez, with a particular brush and to hold him up in a particular light to make people think that he is a monster, that he is this really, really terrible person who did a really, really terrible thing…

Peterson went on to explain that Tory and the rest of his family have chosen to forgive Megan Thee Stallion.

This might come as a shock to many of you, but guess what? Both my son, myself, and others of our family have long decided that we are not going to hold any animosity against Megan Pete a.k.a. Megan Thee Stallion. We forgave that girl a long time ago. A long time ago.

Peterson, who according to HipHopDX is a former pastor and ordained minister, went on to explain that forgiveness is essential to one’s well-being. According to him, harboring resentment for anyone can bring on sickness and disease.

We know that the principle of forgiveness is important in order to cleanse one’s heart, to cleanse one’s soul, and to not be bound up with hatred. Hatred, resentment, bitterness — those things can actually diseases of the bones, it has been proven. And it can cause sickness in your body because you’re holding onto something that is negative against the real-life force in your life.

Peterson Says Him And His Family Will Not “Back Down” From The “Machine”

Peterson then shared that although the family has forgiven the rapstress, they will not back down from the “machine.”

Some will no doubt actually question, ‘Is he actually saying that Tory forgave Megan for all of what’s going on?’ Yes, we have forgiven her. But what we will not back down from is the machine.

Sonstar Peterson Has Expressed His Disagreeance With His Son’s Guilty Verdict Before

As The Shade Room previously reported, Peterson was enraged when his son was found guilty in the shooting trial of Megan Thee Stallion.

Lanez was found guilty of discharging a firearm with gross negligence, assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle. He faces up to 22 years in prison. And could even be deported to Canada.

The rapper is currently awaiting his sentencing. According to Rolling Stone, it has been pushed back from January 27 to February 28 to give the rapper’s new legal team time to become familiar with his case.


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