Thousands of y’all tuned in for a little nostalgia when Ludacris and Nelly battled out their hits on Instagram live, and for those of y’all that got to the party a little early, you got to hear one of Luda’s new tracks!

Before the battle even started, people were talking, and definitely insane uproar about one bar that Luda dropped in the track, which mentioned R. Kelly. While the lyric seems very straightforward, lots of fans had questions about what Ludacris was thinking when he spit it.

“I love R. Kelly, but around my daughters, I’m not comfortable,” Luda said in the song.

In a recent interview with Big Tigga, Luda address the controversy surrounding the lyric, and clarifies exactly what he meant by what he said. As a father girls, Luda obviously takes his daddy duties seriously, and reinforces that while talking with Tig.

“Sometimes when you speak on records, you speak as if its just me and you having conversations as friends,” he said. “But you’re just speaking, just being honest. And I mean I saw that a lot of people didn’t really understand what I’m saying.”

Ludacris proceeds to ask Tig for his take on what the lyric meant, and honestly, there was no need for an explanation! Luda said exactly what he meant, which is that he loves the contributions R. Kelly had made to music, but he wouldn’t be comfortable with him around his daughters.