Roommates, whenever Madame Tussands  unveils a new wax figure, it draws hundreds of thousands of people. The company is known to hit the nail on the head every time when it comes to transforming some of the most popular celebrities into wax figures, you can actively go and take pictures with. However, this latest unveiling of Nicki Minaj has left the internet asking ‘Harpo who dis woman?!’ See the wax figure below;


The internet and barbz alike are UP-SET after photos of Nicki Minaj’s new wax figure in Germany has surfaced. The famous pose comes from her ‘Anaconda’ video but it kind of feels like that’s about the only thing that’s accurate about the wax figure. People are wasting ZERO time to roast the wax figure on Twitter, and I’m sure there’s only a matter of time before Nicki steps in herself and asks to have it removed. It’s either that, or the barbz will handle her light weight!

Though clearly the effort was there, the internet has collectively agreed that Madame Tussands in Germany, TRIED IT. If you feel like Nicki has been keeping things low key, it’s probably because she’s gearing up to release new music very soon and is enjoying her new life as a married woman!

But back to wax figure-gate. We really tried to give them th ebenefit of the doubt, but we really want to hear what you guys think abut this?! Tell us if you see a resemblance Roommates!?