Man Reportedly Scammed More Than 30 Women Out Of $2.1M

Man Reportedly Scammed More Than 30 Women Out Of $2.1M

First of all, this is what y’all doing in Jersey?! #Roommates a New Jersey man is behind bars after he’s been living his best life off of funds he reportedly scammed from more than 30 different women. Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve reported on these city boy type of activities.

The city boy veteran, better known as Rubbin Sarpong will appear before a judge this upcoming Wednesday on once count conspiracy to commit wire fraud. According to @USAToday, Sarpong and several conspirators reportedly set up dating profiles online with fake and stolen identities. They allegedly “contacted victims through the dating websites and then pretended to strike up a romantic relationship with them, wooing them with words of love.”

Whew! Just meet up in person friends. Anyway, apparently Sarpong would tell the women he was military personnel stationed in Syria and was awarded gold bars that needed to be shipped to the United States. He reportedly told the women the ficticious gold bars were worth $12M and needed help shipping them over seas. All he needed was help with the shipping cost and in return he would fully reimburse them and give them a generous “thank you” bonus.

Most of the women involved wired Sarpong money, or delivered personal and cashier checks. The worst part is while he was “stationed in Syria” he was actually taking selfies with huge ads of cash under a different alias.

Things took a very sad turn when one women who wired Sarpong $93k actually died by apparent suicide just a day after making the transaction. Roommates, we encourage you to use stories like these as a cautionary tale. There’s really no telling what strangers’ intentions are behind a computer screen.

Make sure if you’re looking for love online, to stay woke for the red flags!


Source: USA TODAY 


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