Roommates, we were the first to bring you the viral story about a young man who impregnated twins. We still kept in contact with Keonyae, Nia & Nydia since their relationship went viral and we’re happy to report they welcomed a beautiful baby boy and girl back in May and June.

The baby boy, Keonyae Jr., is Nia’s gorgeous son along with his sister Madison who is Nydia’s beautiful daughter. We spoke to Keonyae and it turns out since going viral him and the twins have had their fair share of issues. Mostly from people judging their situation. He even revealed his Instagram account was deleted after people kept reporting his page. He even mentioned when the twins gave birth social workers came into the room and asked the twins if they were in a dangerous situation.

After the online hate dissipated, Keon has expressed things have gotten much better! He’s opening a burger restaurant called #BurgerBanks and both sisters are extremely happy. So happy in fact, that wedding bells are in the near future! The details are under wraps but we asked him how he intends to marry both sisters. Apparently, he’s talked to a lawyer and you can marry one person legally & the other spiritually. All three adits are happy and healthy. The babies are happy & healthy and for anyone that still has judgments about the inner workings of Keon’s, Nia’s & Nydia’s relationship, they can just be mad.

At least that’s the attitude Keon has adopted. He’s very much a family man now and wants the best for his children and future wives, whenever that time comes. We continue to wish them well!