Mariah Carey Allegedly Asks Nick Cannon To 'Carve Out' Time For Their Two Kids

Mariah Carey Allegedly Asks Nick Cannon To ‘Carve Out’ Time For Their Two Kids

While Nick Cannon is busy expanding his ever-growing army of offspring, Mariah Carey allegedly wants him to step it up with his firstborn children!

According to Radar Online, Mimi is pressing Nick to “carve out” more time for their 11-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan.

As the coparents—whose divorce was finalized back in 2016—are in the midst of raising pre-teens in the limelight, it sounds like Mariah wants to ensure they keep a solid foundation.

Despite his busy and emotionally-demanding schedule, though, Cannon is all for his lifestyle choice. A source says that “Nick thinks it’s crazy wonderful having all these kids,” Radar Online reports.

As he’s currently expecting yet another child, at least the longtime Wild ‘N Out host is committed to the life he’s leading.

Nick Cannon Recently Joked About All His Daddy Duties

While on the subject, we should note that Nick isn’t afraid to poke fun at his duties as a dad of a dozen.

In a recent Christmas skit, the comedian noted how he has “a whole hell of a lot of gifts to buy” for all his children. He also joked about how, with his tireless and dedicated help, “the world now has 8 billion people.”

“It’s almost the holidays! And thanks to me, the world now has 8 billion people. But my job’s not done—it’s time to do some online Christmas shopping. And based off of the baby mama-to-kid ratio, we got a whole hell of a lot of gifts to buy. Let’s go!”

Cannon goes on to embark on a mission to secure gifts for all his children. Shortly thereafter, he wraps up his video by warmly saying, “Happy Holidays, from my big-a** family to yours.”

Additionally, Cannon also positively reacted to a meme centered on his powerful procreating abilities.

The image is a spoof of a National Geographic prediction of how the average human will look like by 2050. Nick ultimately reposted it on Instagram last month, adding, “Wow! Everybody got jokes!”

What do you think about the situation between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon? Also, how would you feel about having to split your time between so many different children?


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