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Matthew Knowles Is Working On A Few New Destiny’s Child Projects! He’s “Hopeful” for New Album + Tour

Looks like Daddy Knowles is still trying to get in on a piece of the Destiny’s Child pie!  

According to ThatGrapeJuice, Matthew Knowles is writing a book about Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle and not all though! Mr. Knowles says he is working on a few projects for DC, that could include a biopic and “tv series of some sort.”

Knowles continues to manage the group’s projects today thanks to contractual obligations, so he’s remaining positive that the ladies will be up for a new album and tour!

If you remember, the rumors surrounding a Destiny’s Child biopic started last year during Sony’s infamous email hack-ation when it was discovered that Knowles had approached them about doing a movie. Of course, this is not a basis of confirmation, so sit tight! 

However, in an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post, Matthew said, “I am extremely hopeful that the ladies will come back with an album and a tour. I’m working on a few Destiny’s Child projects right now.”

He goes on to to say, “My second book will be the autobiography of Destiny’s Child. I’m talking to the film and TV community right now, regarding a Destiny’s Child movie or TV series of some sort. But I still manage the ladies — Destiny’s Child — and I’m hopeful that within the next two to three years we’ll see something major come from it.” 

He envisions the film starting off while the girls are at the ages of 9 and 10 in Houston. 

Roomamtes, would you cop a new Destiny’s Child album? It’d be very interesting considering that they’re grown women and 2 of 3 members are married with children now! Guess we’ll have to be very patient and hopeful  for this dream to come true! Let’s chat below!


Source Cited: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on Instagram & @tallyohhh on Twitter!


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