#Roommates, if you miss the good ‘ol days of TV like we do, then you can probably totally feel Meagan Good’s reaction in a cute video clip that has gone viral. She teared up when she saw “Cousin Skeeter” from the popular Nickelodeon series she starred in back in the day.

In the late 90s and early 2000s many of us were obsessed with the Nickelodeon family comedy “Cousin Skeeter,” about a cool puppet (voiced by Bill Bellamy) who comes to live with his human cousin Robert Ri’chard. Meagan Good played the love interest and best friend of Ri’chard—and it was one of her earliest TV roles.

Fast forward practically 20 years later and Meagan got quite emotional when she saw “Cousin Skeeter” for the first time while doing an interview with NickRewind’s YouTube series “Throwback with Nickelodeon.” As she wiped away tears, Meagan said the show was “such a big part of my childhood.”

She went on to say this of the show:

“Being in the business for so long… it’s not an easy business. It’s a constant faith walk to get that type of opportunity at such a crucial age and for that to really be a big part of my childhood. We didn’t really get to go to prom because I was filming…that was a choice and that was a choice that I would never change or do differently but the things that were happening in my world, that’s the world I experienced as a teenager and “Cousin Skeeter‘s” a very big part of that.”

Awww Meagan, we love “Cousin Skeeter” too!


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?