Meek Mill Blasts DJ Drama For 'Always Speaking Down' On Him

Meek Mill Blasts DJ Drama For ‘Always Speaking Down’ On Him: ‘Ion Rock Wit These Goofies’

Meek Mill is making it clear where he stands with DJ Drama. The rapper took to Twitter Monday evening and shared that the DJ consistently speaks negatively about him.

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Meek Mill Took To Twitter Monday Evening Blasting DJ Drama

On Monday evening, Meek Mill hopped on Twitter and flatly called DJ Drama “a goofy.”

“Dj drama a goofy over these hoes lol he won’t speak good on me I tore him up in the a”

Shortly after, the rapper provided more context for what prompted his public sentiment. He explained that DJ Drama “downplayed” his single “Dreams and Nightmares” while uplifting Lil Uzi Vert’s “Just Wanna Rock.” As The Shade Room previously reported, DJ Drama declared Lil Uzi Vert’s single the new Philadephia anthem.

Additionally, Meek Mill seemed to imply that DJ Drama showed him “fake” love.

“I asked drama why he always speaking down on me with a few other words too told him he’s a goofy… I also hit him when he tried to compare dreams and nightmares to I wanna rock AND DOWNPLAY ME … DONT LET THESE INDUSTRY LAMES USE YOU THEY DONT REALLY EVEN LIKE YOU SMH LOL”

Meek Mill Says He Would Stay Silent If Asked To Compare DJ Drama To DJ Khaled

After, the rapper explained that he would “stay silent” if he was asked to compare DJ Drama to DJ Khaled.

“If they asked me about dj drama and Khaled I wouldn’t speak and I made millions on paper with Khaled I’ll still stay silent … I’m from Philly … and we don’t wear out fitted hats like that drama ‘SHOP AT MITCHELL AND NESS”

Additionally, he again referred to DJ Drama as “goofy.”

“That man never did real charity in Philly in his life … I just be saying bits parts online because it be too much to say … I be wanting it to be known when ion Rock wit these goofies … and I stand on my tippy toes when I see them so it’s no confusion before we even interact! ‘Drama queen over these females'”

While sharing some words about “jealous men.”

“The biggest mistakes you can make in this game is having sex with the wrong females … jealous men will try to destroy you quietly Or find out a way to dislike you lol … y’all can keep them gals I like my family and friends more! It’s saddd lol”

The Rapper Then Blamed DJ Drama For “Starting” His Beef With Drake

Then, Meek Mill seemed to refer to comments DJ Drama made during an appearance on the ‘Jay Hill Podcast.’ On the podcast, DJ Drama was asked if Meek Mill or Drake was the new Jay-Z.

He replied by explaining he believes Drake is the new Jay-Z.

Meek then accused DJ Drama of trying to “divide and conquer” with his statements. Furthermore, he explained that Drama “started” the initial “beef” between the two rappers years back.

“And I’m the meek of this generation … nothing can’t be hov he laid all this shit out for us you gotta make your own movie outchea that’s that niggaitis who the new hov …. I respect that highly can’t be re-done … drama tryna divide and conquer a feat lol drama basically started/powered that meek and drake beef … so to see him compare us again and cut youngin off to where he can’t barely speak so much gat in his mouth lol”

Meek Mill Explains That He Doesn’t Want To “Secretly Beef” With Anyone

From there, Meek explained that he doesn’t want to “secretly beef” or “secretly play games” with anyone.

“I don’t be wanting to secretly beef or secretly play games with nobody … I like put it on the front it’ll add ip later what these bustas being doing”

The rapper then exposed text DJ Drama for allegedly confirming his appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk with screenshots of their text messages. In the messages, DJ Drama appears to be blasting Meek for refusing to join the podcast, which allegedly messed up his “rollout” for his most recent album, ‘I’m Really Like That.’

“He confirmed tiny desk without speaking to my team or me … I told him I wasn’t locking it in … I’m not even on his album …I’m too up to be working another man’s album rollout wtf …everytime I rap I get rich and I ain’t been barely rapping I been on business timing ….I hate these industry niggas, if they can’t use you they try to devalue you to the public!”

The Philly-bred rapper ended his rant by replying to a fan who said he should record a song about DJ Drama. Meek declined by explaining that Drama’s run is “dying out” and he doesn’t “want his name living forever.”

“I don’t want his name living forever lol he dying out ……”


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