Over the last couple of months we’ve seen many celebrities campaign for Meek Mill’s release, and from the amount of support he’s received you would think his chances of getting out would be high. Unfortunately, the judge presiding over his case shot down his plea to be released on bail.

According to TMZ, Genece Brinkley didn’t give an explanation as to why she’s keeping him locked up, after facing backlash left and right on social media.

“Defendant received proper notice of all alleged probation violations in advance of his hearing,” she wrote, according to court documents. “The sentence imposed was not manifestly excessive and this Court stated sufficient reasons on the record to support a state sentence of 2 to 4 years.”

Meek has been behind bars since November for a probation violation, and his team argues that the judges latest ruling proves once again that the Judge is holding a grudge against him.

Meek’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, tokd TMZ, “This ruling from Judge Genece Brinkley simply reaffirms the fact she has turned Meek Mill’s case into a personal vendetta.”

He continued, “In spite of the recommendations from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, which was supported by Governor Tom Wolf, the judge continues to stand alone in supporting Officer Reginald Graham’s perjured testimony as well as his criminal behavior that has been documented.”

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