Shannon Sharpe And Mike Epps Link Up Following Online Spat

Peace! Shannon Sharpe And Mike Epps Link Up Following Their Online Spat: “We Are Good”

In a surprising turn of events, Mike Epps and Shannon Sharpe have squashed their beef after their social media fallout earlier this week.

The former NFL star-turned-podcaster took to Instagram on Thursday (February 15), sharing a surprise post of him and Epps posing for a photo together.

Shannon Says “We Are Good” As He Poses With Mike Epps In New IG Photos

Sharpe attached a string of photos to the carousel post, indicating that he and the comedian could put their differences aside.

“As promised. No video required. No audio required. Just a picture for proof. We are good,” he wrote in the caption.

Their meet-up, as mentioned, was not recorded for Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast, which is ironic since their feud started over Epps wanting to clear his name on the show.

As previously revealed, Sharpe was not happy upon hearing that the 53-year-old had “lied” about him reaching out to the ‘Next Friday’ actor for a chat on ‘Club Shay Shay.’

Epps made the remark during a recent stand-up gig and went on to bring Sharpe’s sexuality into question by suggesting he was gay.

“Shannon Sharpe called me trying to do an interview,” Epps quipped. “I said, ‘No, Madea. I ain’t doing no interview, so you can sit across from me and look at my balls when I’m sitting down.”

Additionally, Epps also expressed his thoughts on the viral interview that Sharpe conducted with Katt Williams last month, saying that it looked like the former Denver Broncos player was ready to sexually assault his guest.

“I thought he was going to attack Katt,” Epps went on to say. “The (show) is called Shay Shay. The (guy’s) telling you. Put a wig on that (guy) and tell me if that ain’t…Madea’s sister.”

Some fans had perceived that he made the comments as nothing more than an innocent joke.

Shannon Implied He Was Ready To Put The Paws On Mike

But Sharpe clearly showed no amusement as he responded to Epps on his ‘Nightcap’ podcast on Sunday (February 11).

“Now when I see you, I’m going to see if you really about that,” he said. “Say my name again. … I got something for your (expletive).

“Mention my name again, and I’mma pull the DMs,” Sharpe said. “I won’t let you lie on my name.”

On Monday (February 12), things escalated when Sharpe told his fans that he would attend the NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis later in the week.

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Coincidentally, Epps happened to be there too, so Sharpe took it upon himself to say he wanted to meet Epps in person to see if he maintained the same energy to his face.

“So many people talk crazy about you,” Epps responded in an Instagram post shortly after. “But now you want to fight me?”

“I DM’d you to get on the show because you brought my name up when you were sitting there with Katt and you were trying to get him to talk crazy about me, but he didn’t.”

Epps doubled down on his words, saying he felt Sharpe shared a strong resemblance to Madea when he watched his interview with Williams.

Mike Continued To Joke About Shannon’s Looks Amid Their Feud

And if that wasn’t enough, he even compared the Chicago native to Big Freedia.

“You did look like Madea sitting there. You was looking zesty. I’m not saying you gay. You looked like Big Freedia sitting there,” he added. “You need to take those tight… shirts off with the muscles.”

Fortunately, the two have managed to squash their beef.

It remains to be seen whether Sharpe will sit down for an interview with Epps in the near future.

The latter previously said he wanted to appear on the show to clear his name against the allegations made against him by Williams.

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