Mike Epps Accuses Katt Williams Of Wearing "Fake" Fendi Jacket

Uhn-Uhn! Mike Epps Jokingly Accuses Katt Williams Of Wearing “Fake” Fendi Jacket During Sharpe Interview

Mike Epps jokingly accused Katt Williams of wearing a fake designer jacket in his recent interview with Shannon Sharpe, which continues to land reactions from his comedic peers.

Williams went viral when his three-hour-long episode on Sharpe’s ‘Club Shay Shay’ was released on Wednesday (January 3).

Mike Epps Weighs In On Katt Williams’ Controversial Interview

During their chat, Williams made a string of controversial remarks about Cedric The Entertainer, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Michael Blackson, and other comedians.

And during a comedy show over the weekend, Epps decided to implement a couple of jokes about Williams into his own stand-up material.

The 53-year-old, who has worked alongside the ‘Pimp Chronicles’ star on several movies over the years, wasn’t holding back either.

“He just should’ve worn something different,” Epps quipped as he spoke on Williams’ attire, which had brought the crowd to resounding laughter.

He proceeded by making a light-hearted joke about the “little hat” Williams wore during his chat with Sharpe.

“And that fake Fendi jacket,” he continued.

Watch the NSFW clip here.

TSR did some digging and found that the Fendi jacket in question retails for $4,200.

Mike Epps Later Clarified His Joke About Williams’ Outfit

Epps went on to hop in the comment section of TSR’s post to clarify that his comment about Williams’ clothes was nothing more than a joke.

“It was a joke you stupid mf’s,” he wrote.

As the clip continued to make its rounds on social media, Epps took to Instagram to post a photo of himself on set with Williams, accompanied by a bold caption.

“I put all these mfs on and still putting comics on today none of yall brave enough or care enough to work with him or come around him stop making this s**t so bad we comedians I put him in a movie when no one wanted to work with him some of that shit he said was true and some of it was not at the end of the day we all black men in a business that is not OURS I cracked on his jacket because that’s what comics do all this s**t is marketing dummies all the s**t he said and y’all mad at me 😂😂get the f**k outta here we having fun y’all stressing”

Additionally, he issued a video response via his Instagram Story to explain what prompted him to bring up Williams’ name to begin with.

It apparently all came down to the fact that Epps was never mentioned in the interview.

“Alright, I did get a little jealous, man,” he said. “Katt broke the internet and didn’t say my name — good or bad. I need the press, too…”

Interestingly enough, while comedians have voiced their opinions about Williams’ comments on social media all week, Williams has barely reacted. It’s giving unbothered, okay!

As of Sunday (January 7), Williams’ episode on ‘Club Shay Shay’ now has over 30 million views.

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