Ming & Aoki Lee Simmons Share Post-Graduation Plans!

On To The Next One: Ming & Aoki Lee Simmons Share Post-Graduation Plans!

With the Simmons sisters being two of the many celebrity kids who recently graduated, Ming and Aoki Lee Simmons are dishing on what life has in store for their post-undergrad pursuits!

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Ming Has Fashionista Aspirations While Aoki Sets Her Sights On Law School

During a sit-down with Entertainment Tonight, Ming and Aoki — alongside their mother, Kimora Lee Simmons — spoke on how they plan to put their recently-earned degrees to work!

Ming, who attended New York University, notes that she’s gonna start off by working with Kimora in fashion.

“I studied fashion in school and I really, really love working with my mom, so I’m gonna start there.”

She also noted that she aspires to eventually start a fashion brand, as the style world makes her “really happy.”

“Hopefully, in the future, [I will be doing] something with my own fashion brand and just kind of staying around the fashion [world], because that’s what makes me really happy.”

As for Aoki, the 20-year-old Harvard grad says that the next step on her journey is “apply[ing] to grad school.” We stan a studious queen!

Specifically, Aoki wants to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and work towards a law degree. IKTR!

Ming & Aoki Lee Simmons Speak On Celebratory European Vaycay

As for how Kimora is handling her daughters embarking on their post-undergrad pursuits, the mother-of-five notes that there’s a certain “push and pull” that comes with the territory.

Specifically, she has a conflicting sense of being “protective” while encouraging her girls to “take the world by storm.”

“It’s like the mama cub watching the babies, and you want them to go out there and take the world by storm, but you’re also kind of protective.”

However, Kimora’s confident that her daughters have “a good foundation” to make it out there in the big, bad world.

“You can’t prevent everything, but hopefully they’re in a good environment, they have a stable base, they have a great foundation, they know their sense of home.”

For now, though, Ming and Aoki are committed to kicking off their post-graduation summer with a trip.

“First thing on our list of things to do after college is to go on a trip together.”

The sisters specifically want to hit up Europe, where 20-year-old Aoki could legally drink.

Ming added, “I think that this is a really special time, and maybe we can get mom to fund it because we graduated at the same time.”

In response to this suggestion, Kimora laughed and noted, “I guess I have to.”

Congratulations to Ming and Aoki Lee Simmons! We wish the sisters well as they embark on their respective journeys.


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