Whew! The tea runneth over, Roommates! Let me lay this whole thing out for your guys. Back in the day, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t know who B2K was. Lil’ Fizz, Omarion, J-Boog and Raz-B all had us feeling a way!

Fizz and Omarion have remained somewhat close publicly, but privately there was a lot of trickery happening behind closed doors because it seems Fizz and Omarion’s ex (and mother of his kids) Apryl Jones, may have a whole relationship we didn’t know about!

Now, the group just wrapped up a reunion tour and it seems like things were fine. But yesterday videos and pictures of Apryl and Fizz surfaced online and people were SHOOK!

Videos of the pair in bed together, cuddled up, and walking around what looks like could be a home that they share were posted.  And everyone had something to say about it. Including Fizz’ baby motha Moniece Slaughter (another Love & hip Hop veteran). Moniece, being Moniece took to Instagram to share her congratulations for the pair:

Word on the street though, is this has ben going on for some time. There was rumblings about the rumors a while ago but it seems it’s officially confirmed.

Apryl must have gotten Moniece’s message, because shortly after that post, she jumped on Instagram Live with her new mansss Fizz by her side and told the world that “life is to be lived” or translation “it is what it is y’all!”

There’s no word from Omarion on how he feels about his ex-bandmate and his baby momma shackin’ up.  This whole situation is just messy, messy and a side of messy to go with that! But like the song goes: “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try his friends,” or whatever it was that Aaliyah said.


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