#Roommates, even though the current season of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” has finally ended—the reunion has just started. In the first part that aired earlier this week, Fizz claimed that he and fellow B2K group member Omarion were never friends. This caused major backlash from both J-Boog and Fizz’s baby mama Moniece Slaughter, who both claimed that they is very far from the truth.

As the ongoing drama surrounding Fizz’s relationship with Omarion’s baby mama Apryl Jones continues to intensify, fans of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” are getting a chance to see into the situation even deeper now that the reunion is airing. Many fans were left totally puzzled when Fizz repeatedly stated that he and Omarion were never friends at all and were simply “co-workers.”

After J-Boog quickly shut down his comments, his ex Moniece Slaughter took to social media to tell her truth about the pair’s relationship in a lengthy post on her Instagram stories.

Her partial message read:

“My BD just be tellin lie after lie after lie. Omarion was at my son’s 4th or 5th birthday party. During his FRIENDSHIP w/ Omarion he completely put Boog on the back burner. Them boys was friends. My son referred to Omarion then & now as uncle O.”

If you were a fan of B2K back in the day, then you will recall that in numerous interviews all the members referred to each other as “brothers”—so, Moniece and J-Boog’s claims seem very accurate. Things will probably get even messier regarding the Fizz/Apryl relationship on the second part of the reunion.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?