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UPDATE: Ne-Yo Declared Legal Father Of Youngest Sons Shared With Sade Bagnerise

Singer Ne-Yo has been declared the legal father of his two youngest sons, whom he shares with Sade Bagnerise. As The Shade Room previously reported, Ne-Yo filed a motion to establish paternity of the children in May. Additionally, the “Go On Girl” singer also filed for “joint legal and physical custody” of the kids.

In June, Bagnerise reportedly responded to Ne-Yo’s petition by requesting “immediate monthly child support” from the singer. Bagnerise also agreed to share “joint legal custody” of her and Ne-Yo’s children, per The Shade Room.

We should note that it has been speculated that the singer fathered both children with Bagnerise during his marriage to ex-wife Crystal Renay.

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More Details Regarding Ne-Yo Being Declared The Legal Father Of His Youngest Children

According to documents obtained by TMZ last week, a judge has found it to be in the “best interest” that Ne-Yo be declared the “natural and biological” father of his sons Braiden and Brixton.

The singer and Bagnerise reportedly welcomed two-year-old Braiden in 2021.

Then, they welcomed seven-month-old Brixton in February, as previously reported by The Shade Room.

Additionally, TMZ reports that the children will have their last names changed from Bagnerise to Smith, as Ne-Yo’s full name is Shaffer Chimere Smith.

A Brief Recap Of The Singer’s Paternity & Custody Proceedings With Sade Bagnerise

As The Shade Room previously reported, Ne-Yo filed documents to “establish parentage” of Braiden and Brixton in May. At the time, the singer requested “joint legal and physical custody” of the children.

Additionally, he also hoped that establishing paternity for his youngest sons would allow them to be eligible for inheritance from him in the future.

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In June, Bagnerise reportedly responded to Ne-Yo’s filing by requesting “primary custody” of the children. Additionally, the mother requested “immediate monthly child support” from Ne-Yo.

Bagnerise and Ne-Yo reportedly settled on “joint legal custody” of the children. Bagnerise also requested that the singer spend “every other weekend visitation” with the children.

Additionally, the mother requested that she and Ne-Yo alternate their “holiday parenting time.”

In addition to “immediate monthly child support,” Bagnerise requested the singer to reimburse her “a fair portion of any medical, educational, extracurricular, insurance, or other expenses” for their children.

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Shortly after the legal update between Bagnerise and Ne-Yo became public, the singer addressed the news in The Shade Room’s comment section.

“Why is this a story? We had kids. We’re not together. Imma support my kids. Like any other baby daddy with any kind of care for the well being of his kids🤷🏾‍♂️ Y’all thirsty. But then again, it’s THE SHADE ROOM. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked at “shade” from THE SHADE ROOM. Meanwhile all my kids are healthy, beautiful and well taken care of. And I ain’t beefing with any of their mothers. There you go. From the horses mouth. Y’all have a nice day.”

We should note that outside of her legal proceedings with the singer, Bagnerise has also been involved in separate proceedings. Those proceedings concern Bagnerise allegedly assisting an older child of hers in a physical altercation against bullies.

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In addition to his two children with Sade Bagnerise, Ne-Yo also fathers two children with his ex-fiancée, Monyetta Shaw, and three children with his ex-wife, Crystal Renay.

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