New Jersey Man Wins $250K Lottery Only Two Years After Winning $2 Million Jackpot

New Jersey Man Wins $250K Lottery Only Two Years After Winning $2 Million Jackpot

They say some people are just born lucky—and apparently a New Jersey man is living proof because he just hit the lottery for a second time in two years for quite a large amount.

According to @People, Freddie Robinson from Newark, New Jersey recently won the New Jersey Lottery for $250,000, now that’s a nice amount that many would love to have in their bank accounts. However, what makes Robinson’s win so special is because just two years ago he won the $2 million jackpot!

Robinson plays the New Jersey Lottery Scratch-Off pretty frequently, but on a whim decided to play several games that he doesn’t usually play—and that’s when his second stroke of good luck came in. While his first couple of tickets didn’t produce any winners, the second to the last ticket he had a $50 prize, which led him to scratch of the final ticket that contained the $250,000 prize.

In an interview with the local New Jersey news outlets, Robinson said of the ticket “After scratching it, I said, I just won $200,00 and dropped the ticket on the floor.” He pointed out that it was his brother who picked up the ticket and told him it was worth more than he thought. He also told lottery officials that he was still in a total state of shock as he went to claim his winnings, which he purchased at C-Town Supermarket in Newark.

If you’re wondering what Robinson has been doing since both of his amazing wins, well he told lottery officials that he continues to work as a furniture mechanic and keeps all of his lottery prize money in the bank.

Good for him!


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