Video Shows New Orleans Saints' Alvin Kamara In Elevator Attack

WATCH: Video Shows New Orleans Saints’ Alvin Kamara, Cincinnati Bengals’ Chris Lammons In Elevator Brawl

Surveillance video shows New Orleans Saints’ Alvin Kamara and Cincinnati Bengals’ cornerback Chris Lammons involved in a violent elevator brawl in Las Vegas during the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl weekend.

The Saints star has since been released from custody, with the footage being released just days after he and three others were indicted by a grand jury over the fight on Feb. 5.

CCTV Footage Released Days After The NFL Players Arrests Shows Elevator Brawl Over Pro Bowl Weekend

The footage, obtained by 8 News Now, shows the incident as it escalated in a hallway outside an elevator at Drai’s After Hours nightclub, located in the basement of the Cromwell Hotel & Casino.

NFL players Kamara and Lammons – along with two other men Christopher Young and Percy Harris – are now facing criminal charges in connection to the assault earlier this month.

All four are charged with conspiracy to commit battery and battery resulting in substantial bodily harm, according to court documents. Harris was identified as Kamara’s manager in the legal filings.

Alleged Victim In The Case Is Filing Civil Lawsuit Seeking $10 Million In Damages

The victim, Darnell Greene, has filed a civil lawsuit in Louisiana claiming he suffered an orbital fracture amongst other injuries, causing him to have shoulder surgery. Greene is seeking $10 million in damages, the outlet reports.

A court date has been scheduled for March 2.

Las Vegas Metro police say Greene was waiting outside the elevator at Drai’s nightclub, along with a group of people which included the four suspects.

Kamara reportedly put his hand on the victim’s chest to prevent him from entering the elevator as the doors opened before he was hit, according to a police report filed shortly after the incident.

“Once the elevator came down I went to step on the elevator and a guy put his hands on my, on my chest like to tell me, like push me back and tell me I can’t get on the elevator,” Greene told the grand jury.

“And I, um, you know, I go there, it’s not my first time there, I’ve been there a few times and everybody use [sic] the same elevator. So, when he pushed me I pushed his hands down off of my chest and then he pushed me real hard and then somebody hit me.”

Victim Reportedly Knocked Unconscious As Kamara & Lammons Fled Scene In The Former’s Limo

Police said Lammons punched Greene, knocking him back against a wall. Greene went on to tell the grand jury that he then he fell unconscious and does not remember anything else.

The indictment claims Lammons hit “Greene in the head neck or upper chest” and added that Kamara then “charged (Greene) in order to strike and/or punch (him) about the head, neck, chest, upper back, and/or torso area.”

Kamara, Lammons and the two other suspects then fled the scene in a limo belonging to Kamara, the outlet reports.


“I connected with the (expletive)’s jaw so hard,” Kamara told the group, per a recording taken from inside the limo.

Kamara’s Lawyers Claim He Was Only Acting In Self-Defense When He Hit The Victim

Last week, Kamara’s attorneys, David Chesnoff, Drew Findling and Richard Schonfeld, said in a statement that their client was only acting in self-defense when he struck Greene.

“The state has avoided a contested preliminary hearing by indicting Mr. Kamara,” his attorneys said. “He intends to vigorously fight the allegations at trial as he was defending himself and others at the time of the incident.”

An NFL spokesperson declined to comment on the video’s release or contents, 8 News Now reports.

In 2017, Kamara was selected in the the third round of that year’s NFL Draft by New Orleans and has played for the team ever since. This past season, he recorded 1,387 total rushing and receiving yards along with four touchdowns.


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