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New Weave Trickery – The Vixen-Sew In Technique


VIXEN SEW-IN: If you are anything like us, then you are a late bird and read the comments under our “Summer Hairstyle” post (Instagram) and thought…”What in the world is a Vixen Sew-In?” We received numerous emails asking us to explain the style, so we had to do some research and give it to y’all like this (short version).


Weave techniques are evolving day by day and the purpose of this technique is to create the illusion of natural hair. Here are the Basics:

1) The conventional “Bee-Hive” is separated into four smaller Bee-Hives separated by a “cross pattern” of leave-out (natural hair that will not be braided). The leave out is usually no more than an inch wide. The ideal hair length for this style is hair that is long enough to fit into a ponytail. The tracks (weave hair) is then sewn into the individual bee-hive sections

2) Once the style is complete, the result will be a very versatile weave that can create the illusion of natural hair when worn in many different styles.

Here are two instructional videos on how to achieve the style:

Video on the installation of the weave:




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