Nia Long Reveals She Dated A 30-Year-Old While In High School

Nia Long Reveals She Dated A 30-Year-Old Man While In High School In Resurfaced Clip (WATCH)

In a resurfaced video from around 6 years ago, Nia Long revealed that she dated a much older man back when she was a high school student.

Her Mother Approved Of The Relationship: ‘If That’s Who You Love, Baby’

The You People actress spoke on the matter during a past sit-down with the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA).

The resurfaced clip begins with Nia admitting that she had never gone to her high school prom. She then further elaborates by noting that, at the time, she was dating a whole 30-year-old man!

“I wasn’t the girl that ever went to prom. Like, my boyfriend was 30 when I was in high school.”

As she continued to speak, she admitted that her mother fully supported the relationship. While Nia said her mom “was crazy” for allowing the relationship, she clarified that she “mean[s] that in a good way.”

“My mother was crazy…I mean that in a good way. Like, she was an artist. She was like, ‘Well, if that’s who you love, baby.'”

Notably, the actress went as far as to say that the man was “good,” “kind”, and “did it the right way.” Specifically, her past beau—who was from Oman—approached her mother and “asked permission” to pursue a relationship with Nia.

“He was so good to me and kind…Listen, he did it the right way. He was from Oman. He went to her and was like, ‘I love your daughter, and I want to date your daughter.’ And he asked permission!”

The Man Taught Nia Long Some Beauty Tricks

We should also add that Long took the opportunity to speak on what she learned from the relationship. Specifically, as the man “owned a hair salon,” Nia says he actually showed her some beauty tips back when she was a youngin’, as he “taught [her] how to do [her] own hair and makeup.”

“He owned a hair salon. He taught me how to do my own hair and makeup, so I got that.”

You can take a peek at the resurfaced clip in question down below.

Additionally, you can check out some people’s reactions to Nia’s revelation on social media.

Nia herself doesn’t appear to have publicly commented on the resurfaced video.

What are your thoughts on this clip of Nia Long? Additionally, what do you think about her saying that the 30-year-old man pursued the relationship “the right way?”


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