NLE Choppa: Chrisean Rock Is "Iconic," Face Tattoo Was Fake

NLE Choppa Says Chrisean Rock Is “Iconic” & Speaks On His Face Tattoo Of Her (Exclusive Video)

Over the weekend, NLE Choppa shared his thoughts about Chrisean Rock after going viral for his face tattoo of her. The rapper spoke exclusively to The Shade Room about the tattoo and his real-life relationship with Chrisean and her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Blueface.

Was NLE Choppa’s Chrisean Rock Tattoo Real?

As we last told y’all, NLE Choppa had the innanet in shambles when he seemingly took a page from Rock’s book. Last week, the Memphis rapper debuted a face tattoo of Chrisean — similar to the gigantic one she has of Blueface on her face.

Turns out, it wasn’t real, just a photoshopped image. NLE Choppa told TSR the whole thing was Lil Mabu’s idea. Mabu, who’s previously hopping on a track with Chrisean, is the featured artist on NLE’s ‘Shotta Flow 7 Remix.’

“The face tatt idea came from Lil Mabu, so y’all gotta go blame him because he told me to do it,” Choppa revealed. The rapper added that he initially said “hell nah” to the idea at first.

NLE Choppa tried to flip the suggestion on Mabu, but he declined, saying his lack of other tattoos was a giveaway of the light trolling. NLE Choppa finally agreed to the photoshopped moment after realizing it might get more eyes on their new song.

“It was photoshopped, too. I just a picture of my face, blended it all good. That idea came about through Mabu, and I said you know what? I thought about it for a day, talked to some of the guys about it. They said, ‘Man, that sh*t would go viral.’…So I said, let’s just do it.”

Choppa said he hoped to convert a percentage of people engaging with the tattoo to song listeners.

So did Chrisean Rock approve of NLE Choppa’s fake tattoo? The rapper told TSR he didn’t know because she hadn’t answered his phone calls.

“I haven’t talked to her, I tried to call her. ‘Cause the thing is, we trolling or whatever, but we just trying to make the best content for the fans, for the music.”

The rapper had just one request for Rock — “don’t beat me up” when she sees him next!

 Choppa Says Rock Is An “Iconic Figure”

Aside from the promotional tattoo, NLE Choppa shared his thoughts on Chrisean Rock’s impact. He and Mabu used a look-alike of Rock in their ‘Shotta Flow 7 Remix’ video. And Choppa told TSR why.

“I just want to say I’m not trying to be on no drama type time, but I do know what sparks and triggers people to consume some content. So I ain’t gon’ say that wasn’t part of the reason. So, on the real, it’s like trying to execute a certain vision. Before y’all think I just hate this person or hate that person, respect to Blueface, respect to Chrisean. Let’s call the elephant in the room, Chrisean is iconic. At the end of the day, 20 years from now, Chrisean Rock will be talked about. She’s an iconic character, and you don’t have to be the most positive person to be iconic. You can be negative and be iconic, too, or whatever. She’s an iconic figure…”

NLE Choppa admitted that the real-life Chrisean wanted to be on the ‘Shotta Flow Remix.’ But Choppa politely declined because his gut said nah. NLE added that he was unsure of how she would have been able to deliver because of the track’s structure. However, he would “love” to collaborate with her in the future.

Is NLE Choppa Beefing With Blueface?

As for NLE Choppa’s feelings for Blueface, the Memphis rapper says it’s all love. They both “blew up” in the “2019 time,” Choppa said, praising their collab ‘Shotta Flow’ saying it “made sense.” And “dissing” Blueface is just a “friendly lil war” after Blueface mentioned him in Jaidyn Alexis’s ‘Barbie.’

Choppa said he “hates” that Blueface is in jail because they can’t keep the momentum of musical responses going. Blue is serving time behind bars for violating his probation.

Before turning himself into jail, Blueface had seemingly promoted a boxing match between him and Choppa. Turns out, like NLE Choppa’s Chrisean tattoo, that match was fake.

“The face-off that he posted, it wasn’t a real flyer and he also knew that he had violated probation so I don’t really understand what was the point of him posting it, knowing he had to go to jail. I’m not trying to say cuz scary…”

NLE Choppa credited Blue for being a marketing genius. But, as far as music goes, Choppa admitted he wouldn’t collab with Blueface again due to his alleged history with domestic violence.

“Me personally, I just wouldn’t do it because that’s the part I don’t respect. I don’t respect really respect people who just put their hands on women physically to assault them. I’m not saying that I’m the best cat..but it’s certain things I try to grow from…I don’t see it being right doing a song with a person that have done that.

Before their friendly beef, NLE says he reached out to Blueface to confront him for putting his hands on Chrisean, especially.

See EVERYTHING Choppa had to say by swiping below.

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TSR Social Media Editor Brianne D. first reported this exclusive.


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