People On Twitter React To Joe Budden Saying He Plays With His Dog's Privates To Make Them "Feel Good"

People On Twitter React To Joe Budden Saying He Plays With His Dog’s Privates To Make Them “Feel Good”

Joe Budden is no stranger to his name trending, but he just cannot catch a break these past two weeks, Roomies. He is once again in the hot seat following abuse allegations by his ex, Tahiry Jose, leaked audio of more abuse allegations by the mother of his child, Cyn Santana, and now the innanet dug up a clip from his podcast where he speaks about the unique way he makes his pets feel good.

While speaking on his podcast, Joe begins to joke about playing with Rory’s dog, and his next words truly had Twitter talking!

“Why do I always wanna make the dog feel good by playing with their f*cking privates?” Budden jokes. “Thats how I know that he’s not a real pet lover. Anybody with a pet, you did a little something down there to make the dog feel good.”

Although it seems like Joe is just trying to show his dog some love, the people on Twitter were not too fond of what he said. Especially after leaked court documents allege that Budden “masturbated” his dog.

What are your thoughts on the tweets above, Roomies? Let us know in the comments!

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