Pooh Shiesty Reportedly May Pay $1.1M In Restitution

Pooh Shiesty Reportedly May Have To Pay $1.1M In Restitution For 2020 Shooting

Memphis-bred rapper Pooh Shiesty may be looking at a hefty restitution bill regarding a 2020 shooting that left two men injured.

Pooh Shiesty & His Co-Defendants Are Back In Court For An October 2020 Case

According to VladTV, the rapper and his two codefendants Bobby Brown and Jayden Darosa were sentenced last April after pleading guilty to “possessing guns in furtherance of various crimes.” Pooh Shiesty was given five years and three months to serve in federal prison. Brown was given 57 months and Darosa was sentenced to 96 months.

However, the group of three is now back in court. And are hoping to contest a 7-figure amount they may be ordered to pay for one of three crimes they admitted involvement in.

According to the outlet, the rapper admitted involvement in a nonfatal 2020 shooting in Memphis. In addition, the rapper also admitted involvement in a 2021 assault at a Miami strip club. And lastly, the rapper admitted involvement in a shooting that injured two men in October 2020.

It is the final crime that now may come with a hefty restitution bill for Pooh Shiesty. According to court documents obtained by VladTV, federal prosecutors are now stating that the two injured men may be entitled to a payout of $1,149,828.43. The amount is reportedly based on medical reports from suffering expert Dr. Craig Lichtblau.

Pooh Shiesty’s Legal Team’s Response

Bradford Cohen, the rapper’s lawyer, is against his client paying the hefty restitution bill. And in a 2022 hearing, described the potential motion as “nothing more than a judicial shakedown.” Additionally, he explained that the men injured in the shooting showed up at the scene with guns of their own.

The lawyer’s statement appeared in a transcript of the hearing.

So it’s essentially Tony Montana is asking the Colombians to pay him for the injuries he received…

Pooh Shiesty, Bobby Brown, and Jayden Darosa are expected to return to court on February 28. And the judge presiding over the course will make a formal decision on the matter.

In addition, the rapper will also await a decision on another matter. Since the 22-year-old reportedly filed a motion requesting that the FBI return $40,912 in cash that was seized from him at the start of the investigation.

The Rapper Appears To Be In Good Spirits

Despite the various legal motions and five-year sentencing, Pooh Shiesty appears to be in good spirits. The rapper recently took to Instagram to share an update with fans.

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