Rachel Roy Seeking Back Child Support From Damon Dash - Plot Twist 

Rachel Roy Seeking Back Child Support From Damon Dash – Plot Twist 

Remember when we reported that Mogul Damon Dash called out a  lawyer on Instagram and accused him of being a culture vulture, preying on weak women, and breaking up families? 

Well, this is a prime example of the saying, “There are three sides to every story.” The lawyer, Donnell Suares, emailed us along with a list of other blogs to clear his name. 

Donnell claims that Damon Dash is only mad at him because his baby mother, who we assume is Rachel Roy since his other child is no longer eligible for child support, hired him to collect on back child support for his children. 

Here’s what Donnell said: 

“My name is Donnell Suares, and I am an attorney who specializes in representing individuals who are seeking child support from financially delinquent parents.  Mr. Dash made comments about me and my practice on Sunday on Instagram.  It is important to note that I am not the attorney of record for Mr. Dash. I represent the mother of Damon Dash’s children. She retained me to represent her in seeking back child support from Mr. Dash. Mr. Dash described the mother of his children as “weak”.  My client is a strong and intelligent woman seeking to recover what she is rightfully and legally owed according to the law. “

Donnell also went on to say that he did not appreciate the public embarrassment that Damon Dash caused him. I mean hundreds of thousands of people did see the post. This could potentially hurt his progression because we all had the impression that he was a fraud. 

Damon Dash has money right? Last time we checked he had coins… we wonder why he hasn’t been paying child support? 


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