Ray J: Reveals New Face Tattoos & Addresses Concern (WATCH)

Ray J Addresses Public Concern After Revealing His New Face Tattoos (WATCH)

Ray J is addressing the public’s concern after recently revealing his new face tattoos.

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Ray J Unveils His Face Tattoos

On Sunday, April 21, a YouTube video was published which seemed to feature clips from a recent Instagram Live of Ray J’s. In the video, the singer showed up-close shots of his face.

The right side seemed to feature a logo of his reality TV network, Tronix, and the name of his son, Epik. Meanwhile, the left side of his face featured three stars and the name of his daughter, Melody.

“Yep, there you go.I look real unattractive now,” he said to the camera, before pointing at the tattoos of his kids’ names. “Melody, Epik… tattoos on my face. That means I can’t do no more movies, I can’t host no TV shows… It’s all in for me now, n***a. I ain’t wearing no makeup, you feel me?”

From there, Ray J revealed why he tatted his face.

“I did this on purpose just ’cause I don’t want another call time,” he explained. “I only want to make the call time. And what better way to do that then decorating your body with what you believe in… I love ’em… I just don’t ever — and wouldn’t even know how to give a f**k. I don’t care.”

Check out the footage below.

The Singer Speaks Out After Sparking Public Concern

Then, on Tuesday, April 23, Instagram account @livebitez published footage from another Instagram Live of Ray J’s. In the clip, he appeared to be in a casino while he spoke to a woman on the stream.

“You see the tatt on my face, right?” Ray J said. “Everybody trippin’, they saying that I’m like, going through some kind of like — I don’t know. I had a few doctors call me and DM me and out of respect, I’m like, ‘Thank you.’ I appreciate the love because, you know, if you worried about me then… please let me know.”

The singer then concluded his stance.

“If I’m falling by the wayside. If I’m like, if I’m going left like, help me go right,” he continued. “And Imma listen, straight up.”

In response, the women told him that she thinks his face tattoos are fire.

“Yeah, I’m about to go get — I’m bout to go finish… some right now,” Ray J replied. “And Imma really go big today. But this s**t — once, I’m done with them, then I think everybody might f**k with them. But if they don’t then, you don’t gotta look at me.”

Watch the clip from the singer’s Instagram Live below.

On Tuesday, April 23, Ray J returned to his Instagram Story to share additional close-up shots of his face tattoos. The photos appeared to show that he added a “P” to the left side of his forehead.

Additionally, the singer captioned the photos with a few cryptic messages.


A Brief Recap Of Recent Events Surrounding The ‘One Wish’ Singer

As The Shade Room previously reported, Ray J most recently made headlines in February when his estranged wife, Princess Love, revealed they decided to file for divorce. To note, this is the former couple’s fourth time making the filing.

At the time, Love revealed that despite “reflection, discussion, and counseling” she and Ray J realized their paths have just “diverged.” However, she added that she and the singer were committed to carrying a “positive” co-parenting relationship.

In March, footage surfaced of Love participating in karaoke with friends and John Boyega. The clip went viral as viewers noticed that Boyega had his arm around Love, per The Shade Room.

In response, Ray J reacted to the viral video with surprise.

Earlier this month, the singer reportedly responded to Love’s divorce filing with his custody request regarding their two kids, per The Shade Room. Then, earlier this week, the ‘One Wish’ singer also responded after photos of his lavish gifts to Sukihana went viral.

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