So maybe you live in Los Angeles, where it’s still warm, and you decide that now is the time to cut your hair off! Or maybe, you broke up with a boyfriend..moved to a new location.. or you just want to revamp your look…well, you’ve found the perfect article!

Many people believe that long hair symbolizes feminism and oozes sex appeal. Well, so does short hair! Women with short haircuts appear to be more confident because they aren’t hiding behind 14-18 inches of hair. We can also assure you that you won’t lose your sex appeal because of a hair cut. Think of Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, and many others who rock the short cut and are bad-than-a -mutha! Besides, there is no study that proves that women with short hair get less play than those with flowing tresses. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that short hair requires less maintenance than longer hair because many women have said that short hair (depending on how short) can actually require more upkeep.

Check out our top 12 styles below: