Remember Moesha's Lil Brother? He Went To Jail Over Super Bowl Weekend!

Remember Moesha’s Lil Brother? He Went To Jail Over Super Bowl Weekend!

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Moesha’s Lil brother Miles, whose real name is Marus Paulk was arrested over Super Bowl weekend.

According to TMZ, Marcus was slipping and was driving too close to emergency vehicles during a routine stop and got popped by the police.

He had just left a Super Bowl party so he had alcohol in his system and blew a .109. Not only that, the cops also found a bag of mary jane on him as well.

You know the drill, he was arrested and booked shortly afterwards. Look at his rough azz mugshot. Marcus looks like he was doing a whole lot more than just weed and alcohol. Are they sure that’s all that was in his system? Just saying’, I’m from the block I know.

Marcus is most likely going to get his license suspended for six months and he might have to have a breathalyzer  installed in his vehicle as well.

DUI’s are expensive and can cost up to $10,000 in fines and legal fees. He’ll be okay though!




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