Researchers Have Developed A Robot To Locate Missing Keys & Wallets

Researchers Have Developed A Robot To Locate Missing Keys & Wallets Inside The Home

 Sign me up! Nothing is worse than losing something important to you. Have you ever been in a rush and needed to jet out of the house and couldn’t find your keys or wallet? If you’re like me, I’m sure you have. It seems like those items go missing at the most inconvenient times. However, researchers are in the lab coming up with a solution to alleviate the stress of locating items that easily go missing.

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Signal Kinetics in Cambridge have a research group that has dedicated time to develop a game-changing robot, according to The Wall Street Journal. Now, this isn’t any ‘ole type of robot. It’s a robot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and wireless technologies to find hidden items that people often lose inside their homes.

If you’re into technology, you might think the process of finding a missing object is interesting. The report breaks down a few steps in which the robot finds the items. First, the robot, supported by a robotic arm, sends radio waves that bounce off a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag to spot a wallet stuck in between cushions on a sofa.

To break it down, an RFID tag is a high-tech bar code accessible to retailers and manufacturers. In the second step, the RFID tag will analyze electromagnetic signals to calculate the distance to the missing item. The third and final step is that the robot uses a built-in camera to navigate to the sofa. Once at the intended destination, the robot will lift the cushions until the wallet is released and can be picked up.

Currently, the latest version of the robot is giving what it’s supposed to gave! It has a 96% success rate for finding and picking up objects in a lab setting. This includes clothes and other household items, says Fadel Adib, founding director of the research group.

As we all know, research takes time, and while we need this robot now, we can’t get our hands on it yet. Fadel advised that his research group aims to make the robot available to consumers in five to 10 years, at the cost of $500 – $1,000.

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