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Roommate Talk: Dear TSR, I Know What’s Really Going With The Game And Wackstar!

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Dear TSR,

“I am tired of seeing everyone trying to bash Wackstar because of his relationship with Chris Brown! I am very close to him and The Game, I’ve known them for 11 years and I can tell you first hand what the real deal is! The Game is a liar…period! These two grew up together and he’s been mad for years that Wack doesn’t hang with him anymore because he’s a shady individual.  Game is bitter because him and Wack used to be best friends and once Wack started hanging with Chris he got jealous. This guy would always have this on and off beef with Chris for no reason then turns around and call him his lil bro. SMH!! The Game doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his kids..that’s it! For him to go out and say Wackstar robbed Chris Brown is defamation and best believe lawyers will be involved! Wack and Chris are still close, the only reason he hasn’t been around the first half of the tour is because his mom has cancer. Chris knows Wack didn’t rob him. They wouldn’t still be friends if that’s the case and he was right with CB when everything went down. Chris doesn’t even give him money, Game has surely never given him any money so Wack is definitely not a leech.


Not Here For The Drama!

Lorddd! This beef looks like it is going to get uglier and uglier! We just hope it doesn’t escalate to anything words!


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