Russell Wilson Shares His Prayer & The Qualities He Was Looking For In A Spouse

Russell Wilson Shares His Prayer & The Qualities He Was Looking For In A Spouse

By now we all know that most of us have been trying to figure out Ciara’s prayer, and what she asked God for when it came to manifesting an amazing marriage with an amazing man. And while Ciara has always been open about being intentional on the things she’s strived for when it comes to the relationship she has today, Russell Wilson stepped up to offer his prayer and the qualities he was looking for in a partner.

The Wilson’s were on Instagram Live with their good friend Lala Anthony, and as Ciara started talking about the multiple times she has prayed and was intentional about she was looking for. Russell offered up some advice as he revealed what he prayed for while looking for the woman of his dreams.

Russell talked about things he wanted in his life, and what he wanted in a partner, and that led him to develop his list of 5 non-negotiable’s. The list consisted of the 5 qualities he was looking for in a partner and for him, he wanted a woman of faith, faithful, independence, a woman that would love him the way his mother loved his father and a woman that would tilt the room.

He said, “I wasn’t going to settle for 3 out of the 5, or 4 out of the 5. We were going to go 5 for 5, and that was it. We got 5 for 5, and plus some more.”

As we previously reported, back in February, Alex Fine introduced the idea of Russell Wilson having a specific prayer, after someone had questioned if Ciara had shared her prayer with his wife Cassie.

A fan commented on his post of Cassie and his daughter, and said: “Did Ciara share that prayer with Cassie???” Alex responded and said, “What if Russell shared the prayer with me?”

Here we are now, and Russell has revealed what he prayed for.


Check it out below:


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