Ryan Henry Sits Down With His Ex-Best Friend Anthony Lindsey Months After Admitting To Sleeping With The Mother Of Anthony's Child

Ryan Henry Sits Down With His Ex-Best Friend Anthony Lindsey Months After Admitting To Sleeping With The Mother Of Anthony’s Child

Whew! If y’all haven’t been keeping up with this tea, allow us to catch you up! In October 2020, Anthony Lindsey hit the ‘gram with some shocking allegations about his now ex-bestie Ryan Henry and the mother of his child Nina Marie. Anthony alleges Ryan and Nina step together, which turned out to be true!

A recent episode of ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ shows the two former friends sitting down for the very first time months after the allegations were confirmed and let’s just say, things got heated. While Ryan admitted he was wrong, he didn’t seem very apologetic. In fact, he told Anthony that him sleeping with Nina had nothing to do with their friendship. Ryan also expressed he was hurt that Anthony revealed the scandal to his girlfriend Rachel.

“I probably would’ve ended up taking a bullet for you,” Anthony told Ryan. “I made you my son’s god father. If you betrayed me how can I have my son trust you? How can I take my son to the n*gga who betrayed me more than anything in life?”

Ryan answered Anthony’s questions, saying he hurt so many people in his life due to his own selfishness.

“I hurt more than just you,” Ryan Henry said. “It wasn’t about you. So what I’m saying is, this was my bulls*it, and its the most bulls*it outlet to just sabotage sh*t I didn’t care about. It should’ve been about you but it wasn’t. Me putting my d*ck in her ain’t got sh*t to do with me trying to f*cking be your friend.”


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As we previously reported, shortly after the allegations hit the internet, Ryan addressed his followers on Instagram live, confirming that he slept with Nina multiple times.

“I hurt people that I care about baby,” Ryan said. “I disrespected myself and my family. I hurt a lot of people, and I embarrassed a lot of people. We’re dealing with the consequences of my actions.”

It isn’t clear whether or not Ryan and Anthony have made amends, but we wish both of their families the best during this time.

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