#SeanKingston has been quiet on the music front but he’s been keeping his lawyers realllllllll busy on the legal side. Apparently, the latest verdict in Sean Kingston’s endless legal troubles is one that’s going to cost him a little over $301K!

According to TMZ, a judge has ordered Sean to pay a NYC jeweler named #AquaMaster $305,500 after he was sued by the jeweler over 9 pieces he never paid for. The items included 2 diamond necklaces, 4 gold chains, 2 watches and a ring.

Sources close to the situation said what really made the jeweler upset was Sean flaunting the jewelry in question all over Instagram. It also seems that Aqua has been trying to collect his money from Sean Kingston since 2016. He sued Sean and received a default judgement in the case but when Sean sent him two check to cover his debt, Aqua said they bounced and he was right back to square one!

This isn’t the first time Sean has had issues with not paying jewelers. He was sued in Florida for the same thing and had already been ordered to pay another jeweler in 2015 for similar issues. Clearly, if you’re a jeweler and you see Sean Kingston in your store… get the money upfront & make sure the bills are legit. Okurrr!