Sexyy Red Shares A Look At Her Postpartum Body (PHOTOS)

Okay! Sexyy Red Shares A Look At Her Post-Baby Body Days After Giving Birth (PHOTOS)

Sexyy Red is giving fans a look at her postpartum body just days after giving birth. As The Shade Room previously reported, the rapper revealed that she was expecting her second child in October 2023.

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Sexyy Red Shares New Photos With Fans

On Thursday, February 8, the 25-year-old rapper took to X, formerly known as Twitter. She shared two photos of herself with fans. In the pictures, she can be seen rocking a bedazzled cat-ear headband, a black tube top and shorts, and a black corset.

Additionally, the rapper shared a brief caption along with the photos, letting fans know she was feelin’ herself.

“Dayum,” she wrote.

Check out the flicks below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to the rapper’s flicks. Some encouraged the rapper to continue allowing her body time to rest.

Instagram user @joieocean wrote.
“snap back culture is so toxic. i hate it.”
While Instagram user @triceyb__ added.
“It’s ok to give yourself a lil REST!!! Damn uterus bout to hit the FLO… The Planet Still Gone Be Ghetto When You Heal Baby Trust Me.”
Instagram user @milliondollar_melissa wrote.
“Girl let your womb heal & breathe.”
While Instagram user @novva_cayne added.
“Snap back culture is very toxic and scary. Let your body heal how God intended!”
Meanwhile, other users shared a different perspective.
Instagram user @kikinyrellyoung wrote.
“i’m just chuckling, because.. y’all know the hospital GIVES new mommy’s waist binders to immediately use after birth right ??? to help support your muscles after birth. stop policing people’s bodies and uterus- and telling them what kind of ‘rest’ they need 🙄”
While Instagram user @elm.strt added.
“D**n she can’t take a pic at home … I’m confused”
Instagram user @joey.manages_ wrote.
“D**n if it was someone else we would be praising her for how good she looks and how fast she’s getting back to business. Women’s bodies are amazing . Some women need rest some women are good to go in a day or too . Both situations are fine .”

A Brief Recap Of The Rapper’s Latest Pregnancy

As The Shade Room previously reported, Sexyy Red revealed her pregnancy in October 2023.

At the time, she explained to fans that she was “tired” of faking as if she wasn’t pregnant.

“I was pregnant asf on here trona suck my belly in…I got tired of fakin,” she wrote via her Instagram Story.

Earlier this week, she took to Instagram after giving birth. At this time, it remains unclear whether she had a son or daughter.

“Me waitin to get discharged from the hospital so I can hit da block wit da guys 🎲🚘,” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post.

Additionally, the rapper also gave fans a look at how she kept herself looking her best amid giving birth.

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