Shannon Sharpe Addresses Makeup Mishap That Made Him Trend

Shannon Sharpe’s Recent Makeup Mishap Had Him Trending Online: ‘It Was A Little Heavy’

After people clowned his makeup during a recent episode of ESPN’s First TakeShannon Sharpe is acknowledging what went wrong as he takes the matter in stride.

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Shannon Sharpe Unintentionally Got Fans Chirpin’ Online

The situation unfolded on Monday (Oct. 16) after Shannon went on the air with his face looking a little extra beat, in the opinion of many viewers.

While the program proceeded like usual, social media soon buzzed with people commenting on Shannon’s makeup.

Check out some tweets down below.



Beneath The Shade Room‘s Instagram upload on the matter, the Roomies chimed in with further commentary.

A user going by @mikejames2722 remarked, “They got unc in the funeral makeup!”

As for @sweeneestylebloger, she declared, “I said this morning while watching… ‘THEY GOTTA CHILL WITH THE JET BLACK COLOR!'”

In response to the general buzz, Sharpe acknowledged that his makeup “was a little heavy” via X (formerly Twitter). Nonetheless, he pointed out that his appearance was “not as important as [his] takes.” You better let ’em know, Shannon!

Shannon & Ochocinco Cut Up Over The Situation

Shannon Sharpe further discussed the situation with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson on Nightcap with Unc and Ocho.

After noting that he was “trending” earlier that day, Shannon explained that, unlike at his earlier gigs, ESPN has a “rotation” of makeup artists, so Shannon will often have to work with “different people.”

“Today, this was a totally different lady, and she added some makeup that I don’t normally wear. … She put [it] on a little heavy.”

Sharpe proceeded to share sentiments that echoed his aforementioned tweet.

“I appreciate everybody’s concern about the makeup. It was the lady’s first time doing me. But at the end of the day, the makeup was a little heavy, but what about them takes? Were them takes still fresh?”

Ochocinco confirmed, “Them takes was on point. Everything you said was up the par, but them jokes just gon’ fly.”

The gentlemen then continued their conversation by cutting up over some fans’ online commentary. Catch their discussion below.

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