Social Media Reacts After Chilli Tells Fan That They Don't Look Alike

Social Media Reacts After Chilli Tells Fan That They Don’t Look Alike

It is no doubt that social media always has a reaction to something after it grabs everyone’s attention. Shortly after the tweet of Chilli telling a fan that they didn’t look alike started to go viral, you know everyone had to put their two cents in.

Some people thought that she could have responded to the young lady better, meanwhile, others thought there was nothing wrong with her response. However, in her defense, she just shared her opinion and called the young lady a doll while in the process of sharing her response.

One person said, “Folks being upset about Chilli’s response to that girl is what I mean when I say honesty is often taken as anger, insult, aggression, etc. Just say y’all not used to people disagreeing with you & move on.”

As many of you know, Chilli is 1/3 of the legendary female group TLC. Throughout the 90s the groud was extremely popular not only for their amazing music but their unique style as well. Each member of the group had their own distinctive appearance.

For Chilli, it has always been her washboard abs and her baby hairs have always been on point. After all of these years and Chilli has definitely defined the term “black don’t crack.”

Nonetheless, the tweet quickly caused Chilli to trend, check out what social media had to say below:



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