Social Media Reacts After Scrappy Is Seen Cooking For Diamond

Social Media Reacts After Scrappy Is Seen Cooking For Rapper Diamond Following His Recent Divorce: ‘It’s Him. It Wasn’t Bambi’

Social media users are candidly sharing their reactions after a recent video clip showed Scrappy cooking for fellow rapper Diamond. As The Shade Room previously reported, Scrappy celebrated his divorce from his ex-wife Bambi last month.

Additionally, Diamond dated Scrappy before his relationship with Bambi.

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Scrappy Recently Showed Off His Cooking Skills For Rapper Diamond

On Sunday morning, Diamond took to her Instagram account to share a short clip of her eating breakfast.

“It’s so good,” she remarked as she took a bite of a bacon strip.

In the following video, Diamond showed viewers that Scrappy was the chef behind the breakfast. The clip showed Scrappy making pancakes as Notorious B.I.G.’s single “Big Poppa” played in the background.

Additionally, she captioned the video with the word “Chef” alongside Scrappy’s Instagram handle and a mouthwatering emoji.

Afterward, Diamond shared a clip of the “finished product” for viewers, adding “Big Scrap, not the little one.”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users quickly entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their thoughts on Scrappy’s gesture to Diamond. Many users remarked that Scrappy has been “jumping from one relationship to the next without healing.”

Instagram user wrote.
“Jumping from one relationship to the next without healing from the last one red flag 🚩”
While user @dopekissezceo added.
“Some men go from one situation to another constantly ignoring the healing part….”
Instagram user @theinfamousbrandi wrote.
“Men never know how to be single after a break up. Like jump right into the next cooch 5 days later lol. Never take time to heal just keep passing the trauma on to the next lol”
While user @v3lli_v3ll added.
“Run from a man who cannot be by himself.”

While some showed sympathy for Bambi.

Instagram user @chefgee14 wrote.
“While his ex wife stuck at home with 3 toddlers…Men have it so easy.”
While user @deeauthorgreen added.
“It’s him. It wasn’t Bambi, it wasn’t Erica, it wasn’t Shay, it’s not even Diamond. Scrappy is the problem and his mother enabled him. Smh. Stop blaming those women.”

Others shared general remarks on men using women as “placeholders.”

Instagram user @sincerelymari._ wrote.
“Ladies be safe , these men will be in love with one woman and use you as a place holder !”
While user @maui_w added.
“A man keep going back to the same woman doesn’t mean that’s his soulmate, it means that’s the woman that will keep allowing him to come back. Open doors get walked through.”

Scrappy’s Recent Divorce Celebration & Rumored Rekindling With Rapper Diamond

As The Shade Room previously reported, Scrappy and Bambi celebrated their divorce with separate celebrations last month. Around July 21, footage surfaced of Scrappy’s celebration.

While footage of Bambi’s celebration surfaced almost a week later.

Before this, Scrappy appeared at the 2023 BET Awards with his former girlfriend, Diamond.

A few days after, an unnamed source reportedly confirmed that the two rekindled their relationship with The reported confirmation arrived weeks after ‘Love and Hip Hop’ released footage of Bambi and Scrappy arguing. In the clip, Bambi accused Scrappy of “bringing people into” their marriage, referencing Diamond explicitly.

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