Stevie J. Is Asking For Custody Of Bonnie Bella, Reportedly Fears For Her Safety

Stevie J. Is Asking For Custody Of Bonnie Bella, Reportedly Fears For Her Safety

#Roommates, things between #SevieJ and The Puerto Rican Princess are starting to get a little messy. According to @Bossip, Stevie J has filed court documents asking a judge for full custody of the daughter he shares with Joseline. Interestingly enough, the news breaks just 24 hours after Joseline traded insults with Yung Miami of the City Girls through Instagram. The pair were going back and forth so much, we had to get all the tea together and hand deliver it to y’all!

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But back to this Stevie J. vs. Joseline mess! We all know there are multiple sides to a story but Stevie feels Joseline has purposely cut him out of Bonnie Bella’s life. He’s alleging Joseline committed “parental alienation” after she moved to Miami and never looked back! He’s also alleging that Joseline won’t let him call Bonnie Bella or see her at all. Stevie believes that he has real cause to be concerned about their daughter’s life. Stevie is also suggesting he’s more stable both mentally and financially to raise his daughter.

The cherry on top is, IF awarded full custody, Stevie also wants the judge to have Joseline pay HIM child support. Stevie’s legal woes about child support has been well documented. The news also comes at a time where Joseline has been showing off her new mansssss.

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Stevie has obviously moved on from his past relationship with Joseline. He’s been happily married to Faith Evans and looks to be in a much better place. A judge has yet to rule on the situation but we’ll be sure  you know what happens next #Roommates!


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