Roomies, before I report on this, I think it’s imperative to say.. please stay home! It’s real in those corona streets and for some Florida universities, it just got VERY real. According to The Hill, several universities have confirmed new cases of the virus just days after student have returned form their spring break trips.

The University of Tampa, confirmed there were five new cases after students who traveled together during spring break recently tested positive for covid-19. The news comes just a few days after people around the country (not just Florida) have been criticized for not staying inside.

We posted a video of spring breakers who were partying in Miami, despite the outbreak. In the now viral video, spring breakers were shown at restaurants and on the beach explaining how the outbreak has put a huge damper on their fun. Though there is no word that the students who have contracted the virus specifically went to Miami during their trip, it IS coincidental!

Along with the University of Tampa, the University of Florida and the University of Miami, the University of Central Florida have all confirmed that they have students who have also test positive for the virus as well.

With the continuation of the spread, we continue to urge everyone to do their part and stay at home. Self quarantining is a major way to help reduce spreading the virus and getting back to normalcy. If you see someone out, remind them they need to be inside y’all! Until then, wishing everyone a safe quarantine!