Tamar Braxton Takes "Accountability" For Breakup With Ex-Fiancé

Tamar Braxton Shares Kiss With Ex-Fiancé Jeremy Robinson After Taking “Accountability” For Their Breakup (Video)

Tamar Braxton is taking the blame for the end of her engagement to ex-fiancé Jeremy “JR” Robinson earlier this year.

The award-winning singer took “accountability” for their breakup on Instagram Live as JR sat nearby but off-camera. During the livestream, he asked Tamar why they broke up. She immediately pointed the finger at herself.

“We broke up because of me, and because he announced it, it looked a certain way,” Tamar said. “He announced the breakup, the breakup happened because of me.”

Later in the livestream, she responded to a viewer’s comment about taking the blame.

“That’s a good man, and I’m so grateful that things played out the way that it has played out. And I think we need to normalize us females when it’s us,” Tamar Braxton said before responding to the viewer. “I’m not blaming myself, I’m taking accountability.”

Before hopping off live, she and Jeremy shared a partially hidden kiss.

More About Tamar Braxton & Jeremy Robinson’s Breakup Last Month

For context, Robinson announced their split in October via Instagram. It’s unclear how long the couple was engaged, but they made some of their first public appearances together in August 2022.

In his October statement, Robinson offered no details about why they ended things. Instead, he said that part was their “private place.” He did deny cheating and chasing fame.

Tamar later took to her social platforms and alluded to being “hurt” by the breakup.

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Now, Braxton says her latest Instagram pop-outs with Jeremy also shocked her.

“I’m so grateful not just for you all but for an amazing human being that has been assigned to me and…I’m just as surprised as y’all.”

On Nov. 26, footage surfaced of Tamar and Jeremy enjoying the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game together.

Tamar Says She’s Not In A “Love Triangle” With Jeremy & Tommie Lee

And while she repeatedly complimented and kissed Robinson, Tamar Braxton didn’t specify if they’re engaged again or just testing the waters.

However, it’s a question lingering amid fans online, especially since her “amazing human being” was spotted seated next to Tommie Lee days before Thanksgiving.

Fans speculated the basketball game outing was a date after Tommie shared a video interacting with Jeremy and caressing his wrist.

Still, if you ask Tamar, she is riding a one-man-one-woman train — no guest pass for Tommie Lee.

“I’m not in any kind of love triangle. I want to say that I am the happiest that I have been in a long time,” Tamar said.

She hinted that there was more to come on the topic this Friday.

Swipe below to see her statements.

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