Tamika Scott Explains Not Filing Charges Against LaTocha

Tamika Scott Didn’t File Charges Over Royalty Money Issue Because She Didn’t Want LaTocha To ‘Go To Jail’, Says She’s Ready To Reconcile

Days after LaTocha Scott issued a tearful apology, Tamika Scott—her sister and Xscape groupmate—is dishing on the situation and announcing that she’s ready to move forward.

Tamika Says She’s Ready To Reconcile With LaTocha

Upon touching down in New York City on Monday, TMZ caught up with Tamika and got some tea.

After noting that LaTocha “changed her number” since their falling out, Tamika shared that she’s hopeful that the sisters will be able to move on with their relationship, as LaTocha has formally apologized.

“Hopefully, we can get together and just squash this craziness that’s going on right now.”

She went on to add, “Life is short…It’s about loving each other, forgiving each other, [and] embracing each other.”

Tamika Scott Spills More Tea With Andy Cohen

Later that same evening, Tamika appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to speak further on the ongoing situation with her sister. While she’s all about ushering in forgiveness, she’s also determined to tell her truth!

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When Andy Cohen asked Tamika about the $30,000 in royalties that she accuses LaTocha of stealing from her, she doubled down. In fact, she declared that there’s “no doubt in [her] mind” that LaTocha and her husband, Rocky Bivens, cashed her royalty checks.

Tamika went on to note that, although LaTocha was living with their mother at the time, she doesn’t think her mom was aware of what was going on.

“I don’t think my mom knew it was going. But once I found out, I told my mom, so everyone is much aware of what happened.”

Regarding their mother, Tamika added, “It was almost as if she was upset with me because I brought it to the forefront.”

Before adding that the Scott sisters still “haven’t had any communication,” Tamika briefly explained why she didn’t ultimately press charges against LaTocha.

“I didn’t want to see my sister go to jail.”

We should also add that Tamika briefly accused LaTocha of swooping in to steal a gospel deal meant for them both.

There are no further updates on the situation between Tamika and LaTocha Scott. We wish the sisters well as they work on moving forward.


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