Tammy Rivera Gives Sneak Peek Of Boyfriend For The First Time

That’s All Her! Tammy Rivera Shares Sneak Peek Of Her New Man For The First Time (Photo)

Roommates, it’s been a busy week online for Tammy Rivera! From reacting to Waka Flocka’s girlfriend to soft-launching her new boyfriend on social media, the reality TV star has been on TWO — not one!

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For context, in January, Tammy’s daughter Charlie spilled the tea that her mother was off the market. This came amid the 18-year-old defending Waka Flocka’s new relationship.

At the time, Charlie wrote, “Leave my father alone he is happy and my mother is happy both in separate relationships.” And despite the innanet trying their best to dig up the mystery man, Tammy kept her boyfriend under wraps!

Tammy Rivera Kinda-Sorta Debuts Her Boyfriend

Then, on Thursday (March 14), Tammy switched up and gave fans a lil’ look at who is keeping her “happy” lately.

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Taking to Instagram, she shared a photo of a man dressed in a matching vacation set. He wore black shorts with a floral print and a matching unbuttoned shirt. A black sling bag covered his bare chest. As for accessories, her mystery man wore a thick-rope gold chain with bright blue sandals.

In his hand, he held a blue cup. Tammy covered his face with a kissy face red heart. But the small visible portion of the top of his head shows he has braids with possibly a tapered cut. The background indicates that the photo was taken in a beachside setting, but it’s unclear if Tammy was the photographer.

She captioned the post, “Two weeks away I can’t get home fast enough, baby.” 

At this time, there’s no additional public information about his identity!

See Tammy Rivera’s boyfriend below.

Tammy’s Online Tussles This Week & How Charlie Got Involved

In a follow-up Instagram Story post, Tammy revealed that she and two friends were saying “goodbye” to Vietnam. It seems that’s where the reality TV star has been while setting the internet on fire this week.

As we last told y’all, Tammy threw shots at Waka Flocka’s girlfriend after Mel seemingly called her “washed up.” The whole thing started with a meme that Tammy shared on her Instagram Story, which read, “No one can make me jealous over a seat I had first. You wouldn’t be sitting there if I didn’t get up.” 

Hours later, Melanie took to her IGS with a meme that said, “Being washed up and can’t let go of your past is type crazy.” But she took the alleged shade a step further by adding, “This is the one, cuz it’s giving jealous and bitter.” 

As fans started to gas the situation online, Tammy put out a disclaimer saying she’s “happy” with her life and “who” she’s with. She requested that folks “leave [her] alone.”


While Waka Flocka has remained silent on social media about the whole thing, his and Tammy’s daughter Charlie took a different route. She seemingly warned Big Mel to tread lightly when it comes to her momma!

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