Video Shows Men Attacking Tekashi 6ix9ine Inside Florida Gym

Video Shows Two Men Attacking Tekashi 6ix9ine Inside Of Florida LA Fitness

Tekashi 6ix9ine was taken to a hospital by ambulance after a group of men attacked him in South Florida. A viral video shows two men physically assaulting the rapper inside an LA Fitness bathroom on Tuesday (March 21).

Following the beating, an injured 6ix9ine walked out of the bathroom, repeatedly claiming he was “jumped.” TMZ broke the story. His lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, told the outlet the attack was unexpected, adding that the men ran down on Tekashi while he was using the sauna. 6ix9ine did not have security with him at the time.

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Lance claims 6ix9ine attempted to defend himself but said, “there were too many [combatants],” per TMZ. However, in the viral 30-second clip, only two men are seen putting their hands and feet on 6ix9ine. The video begins with a bald man dressed in a short sleeve shirt pressing the rapper into the ground with one hand. Lying near the sink, Tekashi is seen covering his face as the man yells at him.

“Yo what the f**k, f**k n***a, that’s how they suppose to treat yo b***h a**,” the unidentified man said while delivering a stomp to Tekashi’s side. “Old Mickey Mouse clown a** n***a.”

Another man, also bald but wearing a long-sleeved shirt, walks around the first bald man and a squirming Tekashi on the ground. He appears to tell the rapper, “do something, do something.” Another man, presumably the person recording, added, “go ahead, go ahead.”

Again, the bald man (with short sleeves) grabs 6ix9ine by his loose hair OR the back of his clothing–that part is unclear. But he sits Tekashi up as the long-sleeved bald man, who was circling them, delivers a kick to Tekashi’s chest or face area.

Meanwhile, the first bald man tells the person recording to “take a picture” because he “wants to be famous now.”

Here’s another angle of the beatdown. It’s unclear how long the men were hitting the rapper.

Viral Video Seemingly Indicates 6ix9ine Attack Was Related To His Federal Cooperation

Text on the viral video seemed to suggest that the beatdown was related to the conditions of Tekashi’s early release from federal prison.

“King Sh*t, we caught 6is9ine slipping f**k a rat ADR not in our hood,” one caption said. “Not in the south you rat b***h got his a**.”

However, it’s unclear if any men involved in the beatdown wrote the text.

Police arrested 6ix9ine in November 2018, and he spent 13 months in jail before sentencing in December 2019. He initially faced 47 years to life in prison for gang-related crimes involving the Nine Trey Bloods.

6ix9ine pled guilty to racketeering, firearms offenses, conspiracy, and narcotics trafficking–to name a few. But Tekashi, real name Daniel Hernandez, also became a cooperating witness for the prosecutors against two of his former gang members.

In exchange, he was sentenced to 24 months. In April 2020, he was released early to home confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic. By August, officials removed Tekashi’s ankle monitor and ended the home confinement restrictions. He was set to be on supervised release for five years and responsible for 300 hours of community service.

TMZ reports that police and EMS arrived at LA Fitness following the beating. Another video shows 6ix9ine walking out of the bathroom with a bloodied face, accusing patrons around of him of jumping him, but the person recording denied involvement, calling himself “a fan.”


As mentioned, an ambulance transported the rapper to a hospital. He reportedly suffered gashes and swelling in his face and injuries to his jaw, ribs, and back.

At this time, it appears the men responsible for the attack were able to flee the scene before police arrived.

This is a developing story.


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