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Telfar Trends As Dark Olive Green Bag Sells Out Within Minutes

Baaayyybbbeee! If it’s one thang to know about Telfar, it’s that you can literally have your bag in your cart and POOF it’s sold out!

On Friday, Telfar trended on Twitter ‘cause some of the gworlzzzz were either celebrating or complaining that they didn’t get their hand on the olive green bag, chile.

A few of the customers took to Twitter to express their frustration or joys, depending on if they actually copped a bag or not.

One person jokingly wrote, “If you got the dark olive Telfar this morning I hope the strap on your purse breaks.” 

Another person stated, “Getting a @TELFARGLOBAL is seriously an extreme sport 🏃🏾‍♀️. Whew Chile I need to come down from that. 😰”

One other person added, I secured that dark olive Telfar bag. Happy Friday 💚”

A few people tweeted that they seemingly weren’t here for non-Black women purchasing the bag. One wrote, “Some of my Black sisters ain’t score the telfar bag today but I see some other folks who did and well i find that rather interesting”

Another person also tweeted, “i cringe every time i see a telfar bag on a non melanated arm”

As you may know, Telfar was founded in 2005. Since then, the bag has been mentioned in countless of songs.

Most recently, Beyoncé was spotted rocking a bag made by the company. Once the photos were released, people panicked, assuming the price would go up.

But Telfar released a statement that the prices would remain the same.


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