This teacher is teaching his students the 'kobe' call out

This Teacher Is Teaching His Next Generation Students The Infamous “KOBE!” Call Out

Now y’all already know a lot of us couldn’t wait for that moment to throw something away in the classroom so we could call out “KOBE!” as we went for the shot–teacher upset and all.

Whether you’re at a restaurant, in an office, or on the basketball court itself, making that “bucket” and a “KOBE!” call out at the same time was, and still is a classic combo.

A teacher who goes by Hail Zel is now teaching his students all about the chant.

“Lesson of the day: Every time you shoot the ball in class, you gotta say ‘KOBE!’ If you don’t you gotta sit down!,” his caption said, adding, “I love this job.”

The young kids who probably have no idea what it really means, are having a field day playing the new ‘game’ they’ve learned however.

Shout out to all the teachers out there who continue to make learning a fun and knowledagble experience for their students.


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