Timbaland Reveals AI Startup Plans After Biggie Vocal Backlash

Timbaland Reveals AI ‘Voice Filter’ Startup Plans After Receiving Backlash For Artificial Notorious B.I.G. Vocals (Video)

Music producer Timbaland is sharing his AI startup business plans which could lead to considerable changes in the music industry. According to Forbes, the 51-year-old is striving to “commercialize” an artificial intelligence software that will “revolutionize” song-making.

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Timbaland Plans To “Lead The Way” As A.I. Makes Its Way Into The Music Industry

According to IBM, artificial intelligence (AI) uses machines and computers to “mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.”

Timbaland believes AI will be the future of music creation “with less costs.” Additionally, he believes that he will pioneer AI’s influence in the music industry.

“I’m already here. This is what I’m doing. I’m going to lead the way.”

More Details Regarding Timbaland’s AI Startup Plans

During his interview with Forbes, Timbaland shared his thoughts on “AI voice filters.” According to the outlet, it allows “an artist to assume the voice of another artist.”

The music producer believes this will allow artists with not-so-great voices to “use filters to achieve more success.” Additionally, AI voice filters will also allow established artists to share “replicas” of their voices with other artists “to test collaborations and save time.”

Furthermore, he also added that the use of AI voice filters will allow producers exclusive rights to the voice of a late “music legend.” Timbaland explained that this would enable producers to create albums from that artist that fans will love.

The 51-year-old admittedly acknowledges that many legal issues, such as AI’s impact on revenue-sharing and copyright, still have to be deliberated. However, he’s got his startup plans and AI voice filter technology ready to be sold.

As for why he’s embracing AI’s inclusion in music, Timbaland explained that “Black America” doesn’t often receive the credit for “creating or investing in technologies that end up changing the world.”

“We’re the culture man, so I at least got to come in the door. Usually someone else gets to it and it blows up.”

The Music Producer Recently Received Backlash After Sharing An AI Notorious B.I.G Snippet

News of Timbaland’s AI startup plans arrive weeks after the music producer received backlash for sharing a snippet of an AI-generated Notorious B.I.G verse on Instagram.

Fans quickly took to the comment section of Timbaland’s post and explained the snippet as “disrespectful” to the late rapper’s legacy and “wrong.”

However, in the snippet video, the rapper shared his excitement about the AI creation. He added that he’s always wanted to work with the late rapper but never got a chance to until that day.

At the time, Timbaland also alluded to his forthcoming AI startup plans and shared they would be “beneficial to everyone.”

“I got a solution — I’ve been working on it — that’s going to be beneficial to everyone. In the meantime… I always wanted to work with Big, but I never got a chance to — until today. It came out right.”

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