#AD–How does one designer in Nigeria sell over 10K€ a month just online? Who are the buyers of African fashion in America, Europe and in over 78 countries? What is the average basket of each zone/type of buyer? When is the best time to reach them? Does an African girl from Paris like the same type of products that does an Afro- American woman from Atlanta? Is it better to produce in Africa, China or the West?

Find the answers to these and over a hundred other key questions and data points in the “White Paper Report on African Fashion online” of the world leader AFRIKREA.com.

By analyzing over 50000 purchases from 78 countries and the experience of over 2500 designers, AFRIKREA.com shares in all transparency a wealth of knowledge that is unique in the sector.
The goal is not only to empower more designers to dominate the global stage but also to foster a common discussion on numbers in African Fashion with actual global sales figures.


Afrikrea.com is an online marketplace hosting the shops of over 2.500 designers in 78 countries, African or not, enabling buyers from all over the world to acquire simply and directly their creations.
Today, it grew to become an engaged community of over 150.000 followers who gets access to the largest choice of clothing for women, men, kids, and babies, as well as jewelry, bags, accessories, art pieces or decoration objects inspired by Africa.

After growing themselves in Mali and coming to France for their studies, the founders Moulaye and Kadry were surprised to realize just how rare, appreciated and value creating, especially in the West. But they are more even more pleasantly surprised that thousands of talented designers were based in the USA, Canada or France and everywhere else, and that them too needed to be supported and the proper tools to sell online.

Joined by Luc, their 3rd co-founder, they then decided to create a platform that will allow them to not only offer the largest choice of these beautiful products but also the best selling experience with free shops and a commission of only 10 to 15% on each sale.

From there, the current website is launched in April 2016, with a mobile-first, fully responsive and tools packed solution including an internal messaging system where over 20.000 messages are exchanged each month!


Since then, the start-up already shows numerous signs of success:

  • Over €2millionsoftransactionsontheplatform;
  • more than a thousand new products added each week,
  • 000usersin174countriesintheworldandanengagedcommunityofalmost200Kfollowers
  • 000evaluationswithanaverage95%satisfactionfromclients, that you can see for yourself 
in real time on the open and unfiltered Ratings page here: https://www.afrikrea.com/ratings

After successfully raising funds from top tier investors in France, the founders decided to move their entire team back to Africa, specifically in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)! From there, with a small but dedicated multicultural team of 10, they are set to serve even better sellers and delight buyers all over the world.

To put it in a nutshell, www.afrikrea.com aims to be the catalyst of a prosperous African Fashion ecosystem by sharing and contributing as much as possible with the actors in the industry.