Tokyo Toni Says She's 'Deathly Afraid' Of Blac Chyna

Tokyo Toni Says She’s ‘Deathly Afraid’ Of Blac Chyna & Feels ‘Marked For Death’ By Illuminati (Video)

Tokyo Toni, the mother of model Blac Chyna, has taken to social media to share her feelings about her daughter. And alleged that Chyna is a part of the Illuminati.

Tokyo Toni Said That She Feels “Marked For Death”

The grandmother took to her Instagram account this past weekend. And shared her peculiar feelings about her daughter, alleging that Chyna has ties with the Illuminati. And because of this, Toni feels unsafe.

When the Illuminati comes for Angela — cause they gone come, they gone come — there’s nothing I can do. I don’t ever want to go around my daughter again… Not alone. Not without two pistols, and a pitbull. I feel marked for death with her…

Tokyo Toni then explained that she feels celebrities, who she referred to as “they,” do things “so that they can get up.” Toni continued explaining her thoughts in a following video.

I’m saying, right now Chyna, you are done out here. They gone get you… Don’t say I didn’t say it or prepare for it… They gone tear her down, they gone put her on drugs… I’m deathly afraid of her. I swear to God she will sacrifice me for more…

Toni went on to question why Blac Chyna attended the Grammys. And ended the rant by explaining that she’s not going to worry about her daughter or grandchildren. Instead, she is going to get her soul right.

Toni’s Rant Comes After She Criticized her Daughter’s Appearance At The GRAMMYs

Tokyo Toni’s peculiar rant about her daughter and the Illuminati comes after the grandmother recently criticized her daughter’s ensemble at the 2023 GRAMMYs. In an interview with TMZ, Toni said her daughter’s outfit was “horrendous.”

I text Chyna when I saw it this morning — I said, ‘Chyna, what in the h is this? Who are you not trying to impress?’

Toni admitted that her comments on Chyna’s outfit may have been “a little mean.” But she felt they were “well deserved.”

It was terrible. I just wish that whole day could just rewind and bring her back and put a nice, golden dress on her with some blonde hair — It was horrible… I think that outfit was horrendous.

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