Roommates, most of the country is dealing with self-quarantines, lockdowns and social distancing, which can quickly give you cabin fever with an urge to get out. In effort to offer some friendly entertainment, Trevor Noah decided to serenade New York City from his balcony—and let’s just say it didn’t exactly go well.

Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” attempted to follow the lead of the quarantined people in Italy who have been making music together on their balconies as a form of entertainment and support for each other. Unfortunately, Trevor didn’t receive the same warm response from the notoriously rude New Yorkers.

He posted a hilarious video of himself on his balcony singing “A Whole New World” from the classic Disney cartoon “Aladdin”—and was immediately shut down with someone yelling “shut the f**k up” before he could even finish the first verse.

The video ends with poor Trevor looking discouraged and walking back inside. He later tweeted about the incident, writing, “Nothing can break the human spirit. Except that guy. That kinda hurt.” While the video may or may not have been part of an act, it’s entirely believable if you’ve ever been to New York City, as the residents are definitely not known for their friendly demeanor.

Although the video is funny, it does highlight the very serious situation that we all currently find ourselves in…but we’ll get through it.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?