Roommates, if we’re being totally honest, most of us are getting a little tired of being self-quarantined. Of course it is totally necessary right now, but cabin fever has gotten real for many—including Trick Daddy. He recently hopped on social media to vent about being forced to stay inside…and let’s just say, he’s beyond over it.

It’s a natural reaction to get a little frustrated as the self-quarantine is set to continue for the foreseeable future. Well, apparently Trick Daddy has had about enough of it—and to express how he’s feeling about the whole thing, he took to his Instagram and posted a video rant.

This is what Trick had to say about the quarantine life:

“I’m sick of this s**t. I’m sick of the whole quarantining thing. I’m sick of it, yo. Got the strip club closed. Got a thousand motherf**kin’ ones that I done had for a motherf**kin’ two and a half weeks. Okay? I got both of my phones charged for the first time in my motherf**kin’ life and then everybody talkin’ ’bout, ‘it’s just a lockdown.’”

He continued, adding:

“No, that’s not a f**kin’ lockdown. That’s not a lockdown! This is a major f**kin’ problem. You tryna control us. What’s lockdown is all my n***as that’s in the county jail, the federal penitentiary, the state penitentiary. That’s on lockdown.”

We hate to break it to Trick, but he might want to get comfortable because this is the new normal for the next few weeks…or months.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?